Some Directions

Prof. Burgess set up this site to allow your blog posts to accumulate within the page entitled “Exhibition.” Blog posts linked to the Exhibition page will appear in reduced form, centred on an image, in a grid on that page. To get to the full post, users would click on the image. When you add material, please add a blog to the exhibit page by clicking on blog in the menu on the left. In other words, DO NOT add a new page. Everything should accumulate under the Exhibition page.

It’s not difficult to add your pictures from Special Collections. Click on the photo icon above to “add media” and then upload the picture to the media file. You can add as many pictures to your blog post as you’d like.

Here is one from CU Boulder’s book binding session:


You can also add external links.

There are two other pages, one for your bio and one master bibliography. Please add your materials to the Works Cited page in MLA format.Curator bios should be kept to 150 words or less and be placed in alpha order on the Curator bios page.

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